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Looking for the perfect cake for your event?
We can help you create something unforgettable.

Awarded reforma

Reform cake

A timeless Serbian classic: walnut sponge cake with chocolate filling and a rich chocolate topping. Simply delicious and perfect for special occasions.


Chocolate cake

The combination of chocolate layers and a rich chocolate filling makes the ultimate chocoholics’ treat.



A creamy, chocolatey indulgence. Walnut layers with black and white chocolate fillings, sprinkled with crushed plasma biscuits.

Awarded kinder

kinder torta

Adored by kids and adults alike. Three layers topped with a silky vanilla frosting and a delicious chocolate filling.


Dobos cake

Hailing from Hungary, this classic multilayer cake is filled with a rich chocolate cream and finished with a caramelised sugar glaze.


Choco orange

A combination sure to please: tangy lemon layers, zesty orange cream and a seductive black chocolate.

Awarded loara


Our bestseller. It’s the perfect harmony of flavours: a crunchy base accompanied by a vanilla and plasma biscuit cream adorned with chocolate flakes and chopped hazelnuts.


Choco cherry

Juicy chocolate layers covered with a refreshing cherry filling, topped with a generous layer of ganache.


Raspberry cake

Deliciously light, with hazelnut layers, whipped cream filling and homemade raspberry filling… need we say more?

Awarded sumska

Forest secret

Vibrant and refreshing, our Forest Secret cake is a celebration of nature. It’s made up of three layers topped with a whipped cream filling and a selection of fruity flavours: strawberry, raspberry and blackberry.


Black forest

Made up of three walnut layers with a luscious whipped cream and cherry filling and decorated with chopped nuts and chocolate, this elegant cake never fails to impress.



This heavenly creamy and scrumptiously sweet cake is an explosion of flavour. A trio of peanut layers is filled with whipped cream and caramel cream with peanuts and then finished with a whipped cream frosting and a generous sprinkling of peanuts

Awarded esterhazi


Our take on the famous Hungarian classic: three layers of hazelnut meringue filled with a light and flavourful hazelnut-infused vanilla cream.



Three hazelnut layers filled with a delicious chocolate cream, topped with walnuts and hazelnuts.


Loara with fruit

Meringue layers with hazelnuts topped with raspberry or forest fruit filling, vanilla cream with plasma biscuits, covered in chocolate and ground hazelnuts. The perfect blend of smooth, fruity and sweet.



If summer was a cake… Three layers topped with a whipped cream filling and a juicy strawberry cream.



Osetite bogatstvo ukusa: hrskava pusla kora sa kremom od vanile i plazme, ukrašena čokoladom i mlevenim lešnicima.



Made up of layers of hazelnut cream and smothered in a velvety ganache, topped with a hazelnut cream and caramelised hazelnuts - a great holiday treat.

0.5 / 1 kg sitnikolaci

Treat boxes

A treat box consisting of 55 bite-size desserts, in 10 different flavours. Single flavour boxes available upon request. Dairy and egg-free options available.

1 kg ekskluzivnikolaci

Exclusive treat boxes

A treat box consisting of 65 bite-size desserts, in 9 different flavours.

Awarded rum

Rum balls

The perfect combination of chocolate and cake crumbs, with a distinctive rum flavour.


Sweet pastry

Scrumptious pastries filled with vanilla cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.


Artisan gelato

Authentic Italian gelato available in a wide range of flavours.


Artisan chocolates

Discover a selection of gourmet chocolate bars made from premium ingredients. No additives or preservatives, just all natural flavour.


Chocolate Dragees

Beautifully packaged and made from the finest Belgian chocolate, our specialty chocolate dragees are ideal for all occasions. Each box contains approximately X grams / X pieces.



A burst of colour and delicate flavours, our crunchy macarons arranged in luxurious boxes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Piece Cakes

We offer a wide range of various delicious piece cakes...



Walnut mousse, mango and passion fruit caramel cream - no wonder everyone raves about this pretty as a picture cake.



Love at first bite. Sweet, creamy and refreshing, it packs a delicious cherry flavour.



A creamy beauty full of Baileys and coffee flavour. This one is a sight to behold.



A classic twist. Available in three flavours: seductive raspberry, romantic strawberry and refreshing forest fruits.